Tuesday, April 20, 2010

life lessons

Last night was the girls Brownie/Guide cookie sale. They did very well !! I accompanied my girls + two friends on our designated route. The weather co-operated for the most part...just a little sprinkle 1/2 way through. They sold 6 cases in just less than 2 hours going door to door. That's 72 boxes sold by a group of young girls who all struggle in some way with social boundaries or anxiety issues. We also had 2 of the 4 who are very leery if not terrified of dogs (Dog ownership is extremely popular here). So you can see that it was truly a really successful evening.

When I decided to sign the kids up for Brownies/Guides/Beavers/Scouts my hope was to give them an opportunity to make friends. Over the last 9 months they have accomplished more than making friends. I'm thankful for haven found a great support network for all of us. Leaders who have become friends to me & mentors for my kids. Who have gone out of their way to make events successful for each of my children & to encourage tolerance & understanding from the other children & families. This has not been done in a "poor you" kind of way....there has been nothing but kindness & respect !

When you have 4 children all of whom have various degrees of FASD finding groups/activities
that are inclusive,respectful and safe to attend without a parent can be extremely difficult.

In the beginning I was very leery that maybe I was setting them up for yet another negative experience. I'm happy to admit that my fears were more than unfounded !!!

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