Thursday, April 15, 2010


It's been such a nice week. I haven't needed to light a fire for the last 4 days.....I thinks the nice weather may be here to stay. Just in case I decided to indulged the " littles" this afternoon when they requested the sprinkler. They enjoyed themselves for almost an hour. Even Piper decided to check it out.

My friend Trudy & I have been walking together this week. It feels so good. I'm already feeling less squashed into my clothes.

We met with the wonderful Dr. Lund yesterday. Anthony was super pleased to leave with the okay to eat gluton & dairy. This means that I no longer have to plan multiple meals. Yippee to me !! He has also gained back 4 of the 7 pounds that he had lost. This is very good boy doesn't have any weight to spare. Keisha's now measuring in at 4' 10" tall. She seems to be growing a centimeter every 6 weeks or so. The kids all have the goal of being taller than me. Being that I'm 5'10" this most likely won't be the case for many of them.

And last but not least......the school board voted to keep our little school open for another year !!!!

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