Friday, July 1, 2011

Grade 7 Grad

This week as been so full.  We've been up & down the island to the neurologist ( things are in motion) along with all our regular activities.  The biggest by far though was the ending of our time in public school.  Keisha & Anthony finish grade 7 with a great celebration !  The gym was decked out with a crazy amount of bling all borrowed from the grade 12 graduation.  The kids were in great spirits and dressed to the nines.  Keish just glowed all night.  Ms. Danielle had gifted her this fabulous second hand dress several months earlier for dress - up purposes.  It was so perfect !  She decided that "it" was the dress for the night !  Anthony looked all sleek & dashing and did an amazing job addressing the whole audience ( I can't believe how deep his voice is getting).  My camera situation really needs to thankful that J.R. from Straight shooters was on scene.  Here are a couple shots of mine ( I'm planning on ordering from J.R. his are way better)

After the ceremony part of the evening the parents & sibling left the graduates to party !!!  Apparently there was lots of Justin Beiber songs, a few group dances & Mr. Gough pulled out the smoke machine...super cool !!!

The next morning Keish along with most of the grade 7's slept in.  Anthony however was up and out early to take advantage of the all you can eat pancake breakfast being served up for the students as a last day treat.  Keisha & I joined the others at the school around 12:30 for a special student awards assembly.  I had received a call that it would be a " good idea for me to attend" code language for one or more of my children was going to be receiving something.  I didn't say anything to either of them...deciding to go with the surprise approach.  If I only knew what was to come I would have had a larger tissue supply.

They each received a class award for their consistent impressive effort and attitude for learning.  The tear jerker was that they were also awarded the " Brittany Rothenburger Friendship Award".  Brittany was a much loved student who had passed in a quading accident several years ago.  We didn't have the pleasure of knowing her.  She was best known for her amazing ability to befriend everyone.  She was warm and loving and a true friend.  Her family and friend created a playground and this award in her honor. I feel so blessed that my children were honored for their beautiful hearts !!!

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