Wednesday, July 13, 2011

So...How's it going?

We have been eating gluten/dairy free over month now.  I feel great ! I've notice many changes for the kids also.  So I thought I'd jaunt them down. *Be prepared for lots of details !


- The biggest change I've notice is the intensity of her rages.  Things have changed so much that we've dropped her afternoon meds.  We have stopped the fiber substitute & laxatives.  She's no longer constipated.  She has had little round " rabbit turd" BM's her whole life.  Now, they are regular healthy human BM's.  Her skin is looking more dark circles under eyes !

- I'm pleased to see her reading labels and embraces the changes.  She recognizes for herself that things are improving.  She's tuning into the little things and is connecting the dots with what is going in or on and how her body is responding.  Her sugar cravings seem to have mellowed out also....

- Currently she's eating: a small amount of potatoes & brown rice ( Tamari is a must), any type of corn, fruits & veggies ( raw & cooked), gluten/dairy free baking, rice pasta, meat/poultry/seafood, hummus, rice crackers/cakes/cereals, dried fruits & nuts, jam, nut butters & sauces.

-  She's missing: cheese, wheat bread & crackers, canned tomato soup & pastry


- The changes haven't been as obvious for him.  He's eating more.  His skin has more color.  He seems to have more energy.  His BM's are slowly improving and are not as " ripe".  For the most part he's has had no issues with the changes with one exception.....he's really missing having cheese, oatmeal & granola bars!


-  Keisha has joined us and has gone back to eating gluten/dairy ( she eat gf/dairy free for 9 yrs & has only been eating restriction free for the last year & a 1/2 or so) .  After speaking with her neurologist we decided to go back to the old way to see if that helps.  She was totally okay with it.  This time around she's not acting deprived or sneaking or binging !

- She has always been a great fruit & veggie eater and has made the transition back effortlessly.  The only thing she's really missing is butter & ice cream.


- the biggest change for me is that without much effort I have lost 15 of the 25 lbs I had put back on over the last couple of years.  My eczema is improving.  My joints are not aching and my sinuses have cleared up.  I feel like my grouchies days are less frequent and my metabolism is revving back up.  I'm no longer experiencing bloating or cramping.  My gut feels great !

-  I've been mostly eating veggies & chicken, turkey, pork & eggs.  Rice & gf flake cereal, seeds, brown rice & new potatoes, my own gf baking & homemade meals & soups.  Being that I also have other allergies  I eat minimal raw fruits & no nuts.  I have thankfully found a brand of rice cracker that I enjoy the flavor of.  I am missing butter, cheddar cheese, wheat crackers & oatmeal.  I'm planning to visit the health food store down island this weekend.  Ana & I have been thinking of giving quinoa a try.

I realize that our making the switch has gone smoother than it probably does in other households being that I had all those years from when K&A were little.  Things have come a long way since my first visit to the gluten free section of the health foods store.  I remember standing there just hoping to find any of the " strange" ingredients from the two gluten free cook books the library had.  Now I can find most thing in the mainstream grocery stores and between the library & internet I'll never run out of recipes.  It also helps that I'm comfortable in the kitchen and have a fair knowledge of nutrition & the body.  For all those families who situation are not like mine you have my sympathy.  I can only imagine how overwhelmed you may be feeling.

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