Saturday, March 27, 2010

Boys redo - 1

We have been in our new home for almost 18 months now. Our little house is kind of quirky compared to many of our more suburband homes of the past. The main part of the house is a updated 30 year old modular home. Previous owners have made some interesting additions & decor choices which I'm slowly organizing a plan to repair or modify or simply bring into this decade.. When we first moved in, Anthony moved into the large back room located in the addition. It has good bones...hard wood floors & ceiling. My plan was to have both boys share this room ( which they were on board with). However, some how in the move the bolts for the bunks were lost. After a whole lots of fussing around I was able to get new bolts from IKEA. Up until this morning Ana & Liam have been sharing the bunks in Ana's room. This sleeping arrangment was fine when they were little. This morning I reached my limit with being woken up with their conflicts. So...even though I haven't gotten the room painted...Liam's moving in !!

(The "before" was quite a disaster in my big boy & I have a different idea of " clean & organized". I'm planning on painting the room a lighter/warmer color. I would also like to install a larger window & some curtains to cover up the open shelving/closet)

( How excited are you? - " I've been waiting this long....20...200....well almost forever to have my bed back......this is's should be together...right Mom?")

I would have Loved to have this project completed completely before moving Liam in.....Oh well ! Now I have my kick in the pants to get painting !!!

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