Thursday, March 4, 2010

Ouch !!

Got a call this morning from our secretary Mary saying that Liam needed me to come & help him out in the bathroom. After over 4 year we finally found out that my little boy wasn't just being difficult when it came to toilet training....he has a deformed colon !! So we have a deal with his teachers that if he feels like it's too much to handle..." I'm just a call away".

As I entered the school I could here his class in the gym. Just as I passed the through the doors, I heard that horrible sound of my own child's hurt cry!!! Liam's teacher was in the midst of picking him & his new buddy Bradley up off the floor. The boys had collided...really hard. Liam's nose & mouth were both bleeding. Bradley had a huge goose egg developing on his forehead.

I walked both boy to the office/medical center. Mary came & got Bradley. They went to the kitchen for an ice pack. Liam & I went off to wash his face off. His front top teeth/gums were bleeding & swollen. Thankfully he hadn't bitten through his lips or tongue & his nose stopped bleeding quickly. His feeling on the other hand......after much sobbing......we decided that maybe it was time to go home.

It's amazing how a frozen fruit pop & a little " Scooby Doo" can make everything better !!!

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