Saturday, March 13, 2010

a day of first & memories.....

We arrived in Courtenay just before 9 am on Monday. The weather was beyond wonderful. Ana & Liam went off to their first all day Spring Break Camp at the Lewis Center. The " bigs" and I went for some breakfast, checked into our favorite motel and ran some errands. Before we knew it it was time to pick the " littles" up. The day was so beautiful we just needed to play outside some more......

Just before leaving town our Ped. Dr. Lund gave us the results of Keisha's blood work. It appears that she does not have Celiac after all. It seems that she most likely had a severe intolerance to wheat & gluton. When she moved in at 3 she was in such bad shape from all the years of neglect & abuse. Living all these years as a Celiac have allowed her body to heal.

What better way the celebrate...than with legendary burgers & onion rings from White Spot !!

I decided to take the kids on a little tour of our old neighborhood. Liam's been asking a lot about our time in Courtenay. He's was only 15 months old when we moved away. We visited several times over the years that followed. However his memories are all disconnected. So we picked up our White Spot dinner and headed to the little park in our old neighborhood. Even though Liam has had a legendary burger before it's been a while. Both he & Keish were VERY pleased with how yummy they were. According to my little man " this special sauce sure is SPECIAL !! "

We played, shared memories and enjoyed soaking in some so much lovely vitamin D. What a wonderful way to start our holiday !!!

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