Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Break

This year we spent the break in Courtenay. It worked out so well. Our local favorite motel was okay with our new addition, as long as we used her kennel. The rec. center was offering some age appropriate, well priced day program and it was Ana's 8th birthday smack dab in the middle.

( Liam, Denise ( camp leader) & Ana )

( Ana loves these scutter thingies !!)

( Piper Loved having us all in the same room )

( One of the many perks to living in a Motel - eating dinner sprawled out in front of the t.v on your bed)

( The " Bigs" took part in a 3 day stain glass workshop. They both really enjoyed themselves. Keisha made this beauty for me, it's meant to hang in the window)

( The " lg pool" had opened up their schedule for the break. Keish & Anthony made 3 different trips.)

( On our very last morning we woke to THIS !!)

( Piper checking out the snow for the first time....she was way more excited than I was !!)

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