Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Chilliwack - Jim's birthday

This handsome guy is my dear friend Jim and it was his 35th birthday right at the beginning of our visit.  I love this shot of him.  It's rare to catch him relaxed around a camera.  I was being cheeky & he couldn't help himself !!  I just called to ask his permission to blog it...he said " sure, as long as there are good ones !"  Well I hope he agrees...cause here it is......

Jim, Joy, Hailie along with Jim's sister Angela & her man Jorge, his uncle Danny, aunt Joy and three of their grandkids came out to our campsite for a birthday BBQ.  It was really hot so baby James stayed home with his Nana.  We ate way to much, had a crazy fun water fight and really enjoyed celebrating with each other.

It's going to be a GREAT year Jim....I just know it !!!
Love you !

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