Saturday, July 31, 2010


 I just finished putting Ana's room back together.  My three oldest went to the pool so it was the perfect opportunity.  A quiet house, where my doing so won't trigger another freak out !  My pal Melissa had just asked me on FB is it's possible for Ana to " help" put her room bake in order after a " RAGE".  This is my answer:

"Even the mere suggestion can send her into a rage. Not because she doesn't want to take responsibility, but because it reminds her of being out of control. She doesn't now where to start( ADHD), can't part with anything ( RAD) she just shuts down ! Since that day she will barely even go near her room. If I try even suggesting it she goes into a panic attack ( crying, snot running, drooling, histaria because it's " Too Scary"). She'll bribe, beg just about anything to be anywhere but !!!"

 While cleaning I was thinking how I feel when my environment is messy/unorganized.  Unsettled is the answer.  I however compared with my kids personally have the ability to recognize the problem, formulate a plan of attack and put into action on my own.

There are still to many things out for my liking.  At the top of my " To Do List" will be to purchase the piece of ply wood to repair her closet shelf and some plain curtains for her & Keish's closets and windows to minimize the visual input.  Now off to remove the huge bag for the thrift store......

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