Monday, July 19, 2010

Kindred spirits

While living & working in Edmonton I had the good fortune of meeting the beautiful Melissa & shortly there after her wonderful family.  Melissa & Chris have six great kids ! Two bio daughters & four adopted little ones.  They even have an " Ana" of their own.  Over the years I have snapped several shots of Melissa & her little ones.  This time around I was looking forward to helping capture images of her whole family.  Especially her two oldest girls....Madi & Emily.

  Madison aka Madi - grade 12
Emily - grade 9

Ian - kindergarten
Nathan - 4 yrs old preschool
Annaliese - 2yrs
Baby Leah
precious baby parts !!

I think Melissa's one lucky lady......her Chris is a totally dedicated family kind of guy with a sense of humor!!!

....these guys are such good sports !!!!

Love you guy.  Thanks again for a wonderfully crazy always !!!

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