Saturday, September 4, 2010

2 days and counting....

Just a few more sleeps until the kids head back to school.  Liam is starting grade one this year....which mean all of my little darlings will be in full time school.  At first glance it would appear that I have it made !  The reality is that " yes", I will potentially be able to finish a conversation with a friend, eat at least one meal while it's hot, maintain some semblance of order around the house and maybe just maybe go to the washroom with out the door flying open !

For a brief second I have considered finding a part time job to earn a little more cash for all these projects I'm dreaming up.  The reality is that I need and want to be available to my kids while their at school.  I don't know of an employer who would be okay with me being called away to help my kids work through a rage or a difficult transition.  I'm having a hard time totally celebrating them returning to school.  It will be nice to have a little calm time for myself but on the other hand I know that it's going to be a really emotional draining week/month for them as they transition back into the swing of things.

At this point I'm feeling at ease with their potential classroom placements.  Ana will be with Mrs. Quigley for a second year.  This will be huge for her.  One less relationship for her to navigate through.  Liam is going to be with Ms. Janveau.  He's going to have a great year !  We won't find out until the end of the week which teacher K&A will have for certain.  However, at this point I'm feeling okay with both options.  It appears that Anthony will be getting his wish for separate classes.  They've had the same class for the last three years.  He's pleased to be getting a little space from his sis.  Don't get me wrong he loves her.  These two have shared a great deal in their almost 13 years.  The reality is that it's not always easy to be her brother.  She relies on him a great deal to help her navigate through this " school thing".  Developmentally the gap is growing between them.  He's coming to understand her limitations.  He's struggling a bit with watching out for her and navigating his own  way through all the normal social dynamics going on at this stage of life.

I realized that I haven't blogged about my garden much this summer.  Between the crazy weather and our being away for most of July it hasn't been that successful.  The cherry tomatoes & lettuce have done well.  Everything else has done okay.  We've had enough bean for a couple of meals at this point.  If the weather stays mild through out September we should get a few more meals worth of bean, chard and parsnips.  I'm thinking of switching things up a bit next year.  If we travel it's going to be closer to the end of summer.

It looks like it's a go for the trainers job for the Foster Parent Assoc.  However, not until the new year !  I'm looking forward to continuing on with our " Healthy Kids" program at Ana & Liam's school.  I've been stocking " Urban Homesteading" blogs for days lately.  I'm eager to make this little yard of mine more productive.  The reality is that I'm certain that I won't be bored for long.  I'm committed to improving my "self care" by walking a little more,  carving out a little more quiet time in my week, listening to my body more and ignoring those nagging " sugar" cravings.  I'm looking forward to working on creating more towards our " Homemade" Christmas.  Each year I get a little bit closer !!

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  1. Creativity and expression are good for ones soul! Keep up the great work. New beginnings this fall...can I stay awake all week ...we will see. Say hi to your gang and we will see you on Tuesday morning. Bright eyed and with big smiles on all our faces ;-) Cheers!