Thursday, September 2, 2010

Redirection, Distraction, Satisfaction, back to Redirection.....

Well that pretty much some things up around here these last few days.  Four more day until we head back to school.  I've had a chance to chat with both schools and caught up with a few of our teachers.  Would really LOVE to hear back from the school board regarding K & A's new designation.  Left several messages back in response.....left another one this response....errrr!

I've been doing a whole lots of keeping them busy these last few days.  We've been:

playing with friends,

reading lots of books in an effort to help some short people's withdrawl from being plugged in so much,

running, walking, climbing what ever it takes to burn off all kinds of crazy energy. I wish the pool had stayed open just one more week !

Blackberry jamming, Blackberry coblering, Blackberry pancaking,

I'd like to say that all my efforts have maintain a happy peaceful home...well not so much !  Everyone is ramping up despite all my efforts.  This week we visited with both Danielle ( child & youth mental health) & Dr. Lund ( ped.).  Lots of support planning and a little med tweeking.  Here's hoping next week won't be a total dissaster. 

Found out today that the kids PAA ( post adoption assistance) will cover some added medical expenses coming up.  It all helps !  So thankful to my mom and her savvy shopping skill...the kids are all set for the Fall.  Was able to sign Anthony up for Junior Rangers...he's so pleased. Let's hope this group works out for him.  Despite this difficult period, I'm looking forward to the Fall.  Getting back into my school kitchen with the kids....all kinds of good ideas flowing.

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