Friday, September 10, 2010

I should be in heaven.....right?

The kids have officially all been in school for three days now......and I'm struggling to know what to do with myself.

I've lingered at the " littles" school each morning catching up with friends, being available as they transition & starting getting things lined up for Chesslakees's Healthy school program.  I'm on top of my housework, baking, cooking, canning etc.  Even the dreaded paper work has been managed.  Some how I'm still feeling blah !  I know, I know stop whinny right !!

I feel like I should just get over it.  I'm super fortunate to be able to parent full time, raise my own children, & not be running around like a crazy person ( like a majority of moms).  This is not something that has just been handed to me either.  I've worked hard to set our lives up this way.  To maintain being debt free, well with the exception of our mortgage.  This has taken hard work & sacrifices.  So why can't I just sit back and enjoy it ?  Shouldn't I be sitting back with a good book or something and soaking up all this peaceful " Shannon" time that's now a byproduct of all that hard work & sacrifice?  Blahhhh...

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