Monday, September 6, 2010

Mommy, Why don't you just go to the store?

Today it's raining and I'm baking & canning some more.  I was asked a couple of time why I didn't just go to the store.  Well.....

1. Because I'm capable of making my own food....

2. Because I think it's healthier for us....

3. Because it's cheaper...which means more money to do other things....

4. Because it makes me feel good....

5. Because it's more environmentally friendly.....

6. Did I mention that it's way cheaper?

( Bread & Butter Pickles)

I most certainly won't be considered a medical expert in the big scheme of things. However, when it come to my kids I'd like to think I'm pretty tuned in.  I have seen what the fumes from commercial cleaners, food preservatives ( MSG, nitrates), commercial food dyes and what I consider " fake " food has on them.  Sudden mood changes, increased rages, rashes, swelling of the tongue, change in sleep patterns.....The reality is that they each are unique in how their prenatal exposure has effected their brain, muscle and nervous system.  The one thing they have in common is that when "crap" goes in..... their bodies rebel !!!  That's a huge motivation to keep improving how I do things around here.

( Ana decided we just had to used the " fancy" muffin liners)

7.  Because I Love You and your health is the most important thing in this world !!!!

 ( Pickles, Chewy Ginger cookies & Chocolate Zucchini cake/muffins)


  1. Ana growing up and into a healthy and happy individual. Thanks to all the goodness you put in to her growing brain and body and all the love that is that extra ingredient too! M.A.B.E.L. (Mother's always bring extra love) ;-)
    Looks delicious....I'm off to make my own cookies -chocolate chip...not as healthy as this smorgosboard but homemade with love and a little incentive for back to school. C.U. tomorrow my friends!

  2. You inspire me, we now have chilli oil and harrisa! Maybe I will make something the kids can eat next! Well done girl(friend, if I am being Canadian)Penny