Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Off they went.....

Today was the official first day of school here in B.C.  They only went for 2 hours though ( 10:30 - 12:30).  Our morning started off a little iffy.  K&A where over the top silly hyper.  Liam woke nervous with a " tummy ache" and Ana's mood flitted from one extreme to another right up to our arriving in the school parking lot !  However once everyone got settled it was all good.  I think they are all going to have a great year.  Ana & Liam's classes are all set.  As I mentioned previously we won't know what's up with K&A's class until the end of the week.  I have some strong opinions with how Sunset handles their first week.  The kids basically just play & hang out the whole week while the staff figures out how they want to set things up !!!  That's a huge hunk of teaching time just thrown out the window if you ask me. I've heard their reasons ( new students,changes over the summer yay yay ) I just don't agree.  There are 1000's of schools out there that are able to get it together for the first day.  As the momma to a house hold of children with special needs & school "designation" I just plain think it's irresponsible ! 

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  1. Having a history here, this is how it has to be. TOo many meddling impatient parents have ruined the first week of school in the past and have left the admins with little choice. Gotta love small towns... ;)