Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Birthday treats !!!

For some time now Ana has had a plan to go over to Mrs. Tonkin's house to decorate cakes.  Once Mrs. Tonkin was given the heads up to this plan of hers...a date was set !!  They decided that Keisha & Anthony's birthday would be a great reason.  So I whipped up some lovely lemon cupcakes and Ana packed up her supplies and waited & waited for what seemed like a life time for Mrs. Tonkin to finish work !  Finally it was time & off she went......

She had a great time and has been invited back, which is lovely !!  Keish & Anthony were really thankful and LOVED her work !!!  This year we've celebrated their birthday twice.  Once with Grandma Chris & the Aunties down in Victoria.....

where we had a special lunch at Montana's with cake & crazy horn hats !  Then off to the cinema to see the latest Harry Potter.

 And then again to day.  It just so happened that their birthday landed on the busiest night of the week for us. So today we've had birthday breakfast, birthday treat with their classes, after school birthday cupcakes, birthday roast beast dinner and finally last but not least more birthday cupcakes ! 

It's been a lovely day even if it's been a bit hurried.  Happy Birthday my Loves !!!

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