Saturday, November 6, 2010

I sure do.......

- like feeling like I'm getting closer to being emotionally healed.

- feel secure when my fridge, freezer's & cupboards are full

- like having no debt.

- like feeling like we have roots in our new community.

- LOVE this boy.....Anthony's best bud is a perfect addition to our family !

- dislike adults acting badly around my kids.

- like knowing I have the freedom of choice.

- feel supported.

- like reminiscing with my kids over " Bill Nye the Science Guy" DVD's.

- miss spending more time with my niece & nephew's.

- enjoy watching my little boy push his boundaries.....

- miss my sister's.

- am looking forward to catching up with friends & family in Victoria soon.

- am thankful it hasn't snowed yet.....

- Love that I started this online journal !!

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