Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Up & Down, Up & Down

Well, today's the first home day in several weeks.  Over the last week & a half we've made two trips down island for dental appointments.  Ana still has one more to go in a few weeks.  Ana like many little ones I know with poor prenatal care, has very weak enamel on her baby teeth.  Despite eating really well, brushing her teeth & on going dental care..her poor little teeth just rot !  In the last week & a half she has had three of her upper teeth removed & several fillings.  Her next appointment she will be having an upper spacing appliance installed.  She was so brave and with the help of a little sedation she did amazingly well !!

While my girl & I were in Nanaimo the rest of the clan was hanging with the amazing Nana Val in Comox. On this last trip I had planned a little fun family time.  After dropping Piper off at the kennel & checking into our motel we heading to Shamrock Farm's to stock up on sweet pumpkins.

This morning I started on my Christmas baking.  I have stacks of recipies ready to go and really not a lot of time to get it started.  I'm a little worried that maybe I've over committed myself.....oh well !  If need be I'll modify my plans as I go if necessary.  Today it's....snowballs & some of the cookie doughs that require being chilled & are happy to sit in the fridge until I can get to them !!!

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