Monday, November 29, 2010


After much internal dialogue I have decided to switch are online journal/blog over to invite only.  This has not been a simple decision on my part.

When I first started blogging my intention was for it be an online scrapbook of sorts for my children ( my plan is to have each couple of years printed & bound) and an inexpensive way for our family & friends to keep up with our day to day life.  However, over the last several months I find myself struggling with what to say or not say.  It's seem like every time I turn around there is another story/incident of the authorities using blogging as amo in their investigations.  Then there are those who seem to delight in just being rude & nasty.  Let's not leave out the random people stealing content from others for their own purposes!  Since I have little trust in the system and don't want to use aliases....I think this is the best option.

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