Friday, April 13, 2012


Here I am sitting at my desk enjoying a lovely bowls of homemade soup, the " bigs" are out, Liam is quietly enjoying some computer time on the laptop, Ana's sitting at the table working on her badge work for Guides and Tyler has finally top screeching at us and is happily nibbling away....:)

( Homemade Chicken Vegetable Rice Soup )

Yesterday was an interesting day.  I was being reminded all over the place that " Drama" is an addictive thing and how much I dislike being around it.  There was a time where the " drama" creating scenerio was usually consider an aspect of being a youth and finding your way or a sign of a low self esteem.  Something that is usually grown out off or kept in check once a person reaches adulthood.  Not so much anymore's every where!  I've never really enjoyed being around these events and have tried my best to avoid them.  I'm at the point that I can't even tolerate fictional story lines on show or in movies that contain that " catty" element.  We don't have cable anymore and I don't miss it at all !  The few shows that I did enjoy I can watch online or enjoy when we stay at a motel.   I've stop participating in play groups and online support groups that seem to be all about complaining and attacking others for their choices or feelings. There's a difference between a person coming to a another and sharing the details of a difficult period/incident in their life for support and the person who is always complaining and stirring up conflict ! It's all so negative and emotionally draining....I really don't understand how people have the energy for it. 

Now onto a more up lifting subject......SPRING !! 

Our sensory holiday is going very well.....the weather is slowly warming up and the flowers are starting to pop their lovely heads out.  I'm looking forward to getting my hands back into the dirt.  We're now going to have so much more useable yard.  It's going to be so nice to be able to let Piper play off leash.  I'm full of ideas and plotting all kinds of projects.  I'm trying not to get to ahead of myself.  The retaining wall & fencing is going to eat up most of our improvements budget.  We're going to have to take a break and do a little more saving up before moving any further......patience is a virtue !

Smile it's a wonderful day....enjoy it !!

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