Saturday, April 21, 2012

We have a WALL !!!

The first block being place !!!!

Our third load of blocks being unloaded....

We did have one small hiccup in the day......we all happen to look away at the exact same moment and the hydro line got caught on the digger and out it added a little bit of one was hurt and it was an easy-ish fix.....we did need to call BC Hydro.....they came in a timely manner and were super friendly and charming and well...pretty easy on the eyes....:)

By the end of the day we had stage one of the wall done !  It was so much fun stomping around in the mud with the guys.  The guys I have helping me on the project are just the best.  There respectful and funny, there's been NO talking down to me because " I just a girl and what would I know any ways", sadly something that I still witness and experience on occasion.  They have been great!

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