Saturday, April 7, 2012

Sensory Holiday

We're in the middle of a sensory holiday around here.  Well mostly Ana is.  So what does a sensory holiday look like......first and foremost very little contact with others for the first few days, meals eaten alone in her room and lots a quiet.  She's played, napped, listened to music, finished listening to several audio books and made her way through an enormous pile of books.  This is not a punishment, no one is yelling at or bossing her.  She was way over due for some calm.  Her nervous system was on overload !  What does that look like you ask?  Well imagine the Tazmainian devil with OCD and a severe " A" personality.  She rages and bosses and names calls & curses, she's aggressive and mean and micromanages everyone & thing. She's the last one to fall asleep and the first one awake, rarely finishes a meal and argues about every little thing, nothing is her fault, she can never not be first or loose and is incapable of sharing.  She refers to this state of " crazy" as her Gremlins.

She's come a long way over this past year and a half.  Coming home to learn and changing her diets has made life so much easier.  We've been working with our Child & Youth Mental Health Worker Ms. Danielle for almost 3 years now and wouldn't trade her in for the world !

We're just finishing up Day 10.  As each day passes I see more and more of that fabulous girlie of mine and less ciaos.  There's been no melt downs or name calling for almost 5 days now, her body is calm and she is well rested.  Yesterday, after her shower she sat and enjoyed watching a couple of "Pixar Shorts" with Liam and Keish.  Today she came out and sat and read in the sun with me for almost an hour.  She was able to take redirection and avoid conflict.  She skipped happily back to her room when asked pleased with herself.

I'm not sure how long this holiday of sorts will be.  I know from experience that it won't be tomorrow or even the next day.   I was a little worried about how we were going to wrangle it.  Keisha & I did this dance for almost 6 years and it appears to have worked.  My goal is to help Ana's mind, body and soul recognize when she's approaching over load and to be able to redirect herself before the " crazy" takes over.  When Keisha was young our family situation looked so different.  The kids were all so young and I had very little support and only one capable friend in town that was up for providing me with a break or back up.  Things are so different this go around.  The "bigs" are big.  We have lots of friends that are up for giving a hand or a ride to lessons or youth camp so that I can stay home with Ana.  Anthony's a huge support.  I have the opportunity to step out, run an errand or go for a walk with a friend or Piper without messing with Ana's calm.

So, if you don't see us around much it's because we're on holiday.  If we have to cancel our plans with you I hope you understand that it's all for the greater good and if your passing by please feel free to stop and say hello or give us a call it will be nice to see you.....:))

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