Monday, February 15, 2010

Our Mr. Bill

Many years ago my friend Denise referred to her handyman has her " rent a husband". I loved that ! He didn't seem to mind the nickname either. Over the years I have found my own local " rent a husbands". A few months ago we met Mr. Bill. He's a retired neighbor who has a bad case of boredom & a huge heart.

I had this idea to finish off the fencing around the deck at our front door and to add a gate. Bill said that that was a project he felt capable in helping me out with. He was available to start working on it before Piper came home. Great !

He's such a sweet patient man. I most likely could have hire a crew to come in and have it done in a day. However, I'm certain that they would not have taken the time to involve the kids. He's funny, always sharing old timer logging stories and repeating himself. The kids can't get enough of him. His wife Joan was telling me the other day how he comes home sharing the stories & conversations he's had with the kids. I love how he stops what he's doing every time to answer their questions or to see what Liam's made with the scraps.

I'm happy to have found a great handyman. I'm over the moon to have made new friends and to have founds some new elders for my kids.

My kids can never have too many elders in my opinion !!

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