Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Olyimpic Fever...small town style !

We have been in the throws of Olympic Torch Run mania here !!

There is so much political debate going on about the costs of the the whole affair. As a small town of mostly extremely hard working well payed residents the debate is over the cost of the games at the expense of our schools closing and industries dealing with severe budget cuts & layoffs. I think our small town is handling the whole Olympic thing pretty well. Most of our residents have decided to go with the flow. To except the Olympic/Provinces financial gifts to our sports programs, their cakes & flags with a smile. Yesterday our schools had mini Olympics days.

One of the perks to our small school is that we are able to take the time to celebrate each child dreams & successes. After a full morning of playing we had our own torch run in the gym. Each student had a turn at being a torch runner. While they made their circuit our Principle ( Mr. Burroughs) read out a small write up about each child.

Liam's -- " I am really good a doing clown tricks & lifting my feet up when hanging from the bar. My friends think I am playful & exciting ( sometimes). My special hobbies are playing ice cream shop. My dream is to be a scientist & discover dinosaur bones. Another special thing I want to say about myself is I dream about being a great superhero !!

Ana's -- " I am really good at running, gymnastics, singing & dancing. My friends think I am funny, really nice to them, cheerful & special. My special hobbies are drawing, making crafts & reading. My dream is to become a Queen !! Another special thing I want to say about myself is that I am so so nice to animals.

This morning we all dressed in Red & White, grabbed our flags & camera's and made our way out to the main street of Pt. McNeill. The whole thing was kind of crazy. 100 Olympic vehicles & 200 Olympic people, loud rocking music & media...all crammed into approx. 28 minutes !!!

Our kids had lots of fun & most of them enjoyed the excitement. Who knows maybe all this hoopla ignited a dream in one of our local athelete' never know.... maybe it will be my little athelete Ana Rose !!

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