Sunday, February 14, 2010

United against child abuse

Over the last several days our family has been trying to come to terms with how my nephew, my kids cousin, my little sisters son could have been treated so badly by his caregiver. As a family we have spent many hours connecting with each other, listening, crying, listening some more, feeling angry & protective. Now most of us have organized our thoughts and feeling. We have decided not to keep it private. I know first hand how the government likes to shift accountability when they have dropped the ball. Especially the Alberta Government !

How do you process stressful events in your life? What do you do when you brain won't slow down?

Well....I tend to keep myself busy !! Sometimes that means lots of long walks/hikes. Sometimes that means reorganizing the whole house. Yesterday....I baked !! 6 dozen muffins, 1 loaf & dinner to start.

Today I will talk more with my children & take that long walk with our happy little Piper. I'll check in with my sister and most likely do some more baking/cooking. I will remind myself to be Thankful that Jared will be okay and that my own children are safe.

And I will share his story everywhere and with anyone who is interested. If you'd like to read more on the situation check out my brother in laws Drew's blog.

Mostly I will say thank you for the best family because despite our differences we will always have each others back and rally when it counts !!!

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