Monday, February 22, 2010

Summer already?

Yesterday we played in the yard. This winter has been more like Fall/Spring. No snow to speak of. I've only needed to scrape the windshield maybe a handful of times. The temp as barely dipped below freezing. We haven't really even had the "normal" amount of rain for these parts. It's nice, but I'm a little worried about how dry it's going to be this summer.

(Piper's 10wks old - she found a carrot in the garden to snack on !!)

( Keisha's LOVES to sit in the sun & make "things"- today it's a painted bead necklace)

(These 3 are " build-in stuff ". Did you know that it works better to dig like Piper than to use shovels? Way faster according to Liam.)

Here's hoping you'll get some sun & a little vitamin D in your part of the world today !

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