Sunday, January 31, 2010

Our New Addition !!

A little before Christmas my friend Sandra share that their dog Hannah was expecting. This news was shortly followed by offering us a puppy if I was interested. Sandra is a new friend and was unaware that I/we have been in the long precess of deciding what new pet would be right for us. The boys were voting for a dog, the girls were voting for several ( cat, bird, hamster). I however was on the fence between kitten or puppy? After weighing the pro's & con's and considering all the wonderful advice I received from friends & family who have owned dogs....I decided to say " YES" to Sandra. The kids and I visited the pup's several times. Anthony & Liam are thrilled. Ana is excited in theory ( She's still a little jumpy/nervous). Keisha is quiet, saying she's happy, however she wouldn't get out of the all ! ( I'm hoping that having her own pup will help her overcome her fear of dogs). I'm excited, feeling reasonably confident and committed to the idea of the adventure of having my first dog !!

This is Hannah the mom. She is part Boxer & Shephard.

This is Snooka the dad. He is a Huskie cross.

These two have a true doggie romance. Right out of a Disney movie !!

The kids weren't drawn to any one puppy. I was however, the little brown girl. She is happy & appears to be healthy. She's slightly smaller than several of her sibs. She's adventurist however she's not if your face. I have only heard her bark once...she's not too fond of the chickens. I weighed all the advice and I considered all the pro's & con's to which gender would be right for us. In the end I just went with my instincts !!! The kids are happy and were okay with me choosing her name, since I have never named a pet or any of my children they thought that it was only fair !! So with out further a due...let me introduce to you Ms. Piper Shepley.

( 6.5 weeks - photo taken by Anthony & edited by mom)

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