Sunday, January 10, 2010

one more special Christmas moment.....

I have been asked many time since Christmas how our holiday went? Our holiday was great. My mom arrived safely, the weather co-operated and everyone was in pretty good spirits. Sometimes " special things" can be hard for my kids. The change in routine, the energy/emotion of the event can be to much in many cases. This year everyone did pretty well.

There are so many fun, happy positive memories from this Christmas. I had an extra special Christmas from my kids this year. Each of them gave some thought and worked together to purchase gifts for me. The gifts were nice. For me the fact that they consider " mom" when picking their gifts, took pride in wrapping them and the biggy.....they manage to keep them a SURPRISE made this holiday extra wonderful for me !!!

1. Keisha chose a box of one of my favorite candies.
2. Anthony remembered a comment I had made about wishing I had more small loaf pans. He looked every where to no avale. In the end he gifted me 2 full size Pyrex loaf pans.
3. Ana decided that I/we needed new soft pillows for my bed.
4. Liam chose a holiday themed candy bowl to go along with Keisha's gift.

I'm such a lucky Mom !

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