Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Nolette's - part 2

I'm so HAPPY to have these moments & these pictures. The last time I was with my little James it was at a real tough time for him and all those who love him. We were bringing him home after being diagnoised with a serious heart condition and almost losing him. He's doing great now.

James's dad ( Jim) and I have a been friends since our early teens. Our friendship is unsinkable.... 20 years of loving & supporting each other has made us real strong. Jim met, fell in love with and married the amazing Joy. I'm thankful that Joy & I hit it off. Over the years we have grown exceptionally close. She could have easily encouraged the end of Jim & I's friendship. To the contrary. She has lovingly welcomed me & my children into her life & family.

I have carried of level of sadness about how little time I was able to spend with Jim & Joy while they were expecting their first child, a daughter named Hailey. I wasn't able to hold Hailey until she was almost a year old. Life has granted me the opportunity to spend lots more hands on time with them over the last couple of years.

My friends have been thrown many tough challenges over the years. Despite that they are strong. They have weathered it all, many other couples would have bailed ! They are strong ! I am so thankful they made the brillant decision to create this beautiful boy. I am honored to be considered a member of their family and inner circle.

Love, Aunty Shannon


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