Saturday, January 16, 2010

What to do when.....

......when your whole town looses power right in the middle of dinner? Well....first be thankful for the fact that we were eating dinner, not still in the midst of cooking it ! Then what to ? Let's start by lighting some candles, then calm excited children, finish eating dinner, then calm stressed children, then take a big breath (everyone) & work on a plan......

1. located all our flashlights
2. located the right size batteries
3. remind people to BREATH !!
4. refresh batteries in all flashlights & portable CD player
5. calculate whether or not it's too early for more Meds !! - not for 2 of the 4 - lucky me !!
6. send functioning 2 off to entertain themselves. tuck crazy 2 into bed.
7. have showers by candlelight and a little " Alley Mcbeal" playing in the nice
8. curl up on the sofa with my calm 2, a bag of chips, flash lights & a crazy fun book about freaky, scary, gross, extraordinary & simply unbelievable facts for an hour.
9. say "Goodnight" to calm 2. read a little longer on my own.
10. go to bed around 9pm.
11. @%#!@ get back up....go and turn off all the lights & t.v's so we don't get startled awake !!!

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