Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Well...I was planning to start today sharing about our trip to the Aquarium. In an effort to give a true & honest look into my life, I thought I'd share a little of the not so rosie parts !!

I have this have a morning full of lots of calm voices, a morning where everyone is on tasks, a morning that runs at the perfect pace. My goal each morning is to get them to school on time, totally in order with a full tummy and a smile on their face.

Instead I'm saddened to omit that many of our mornings, despite my efforts are full of crankiness, constant repetition, spilt drinks & half eaten bowls of cereal, " I will not's" & " I don't want to's" and rushing out the door.

This morning was not a good one but we made it ! I'm thankful for a quiet morning to sip my tea & eat my breakfast....... there's always tomorrow !

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