Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Another one down....

......hopefully many more to come ! As an adult I find birthdays to be a funny thing.  Most of my girlfriends suffer from a certain degree of age trauma.  Being 36 is great...and I'm not counting down the days to the big 4 0 either.  To be honest I'm happy to be still having birthdays......

My mom has flown in to visit for this week.  We had intended to go for dinner last night.  Since Liam's feeling better we decided to try again tonight.  We decided to try out the " Sportsman steak house".  It was nice.  We went early to avoid the crowds and being it's school night & Liam was in the ER the night before I didn't want to be out to late.  It was lovely !!  It was decided that instead of us each ordering dessert we would pick up something from the bakery and enjoy it at home.  Since my kids first birthday we have used the large birthday candles to celebrate & document the milestone year.

Here's to another year....I'm curious to see what it holds !!

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