Saturday, June 26, 2010

Little sis's family

We're at our first stop our big summer little sister Marina's in N. Delta.  Yesterday, we spent the day at Stanley Park & the Aquarium.  My pal Kathleen joined us for the was so nice getting such a long visit in!

Today we're having a mellow morning.  This afternoon we're going to be attending a " Wicken Hand Fasting Ceremony".  A first for my troop.  I'm looking forward to it.......

Tomorrow we're going to be spend the whole day at " Family Days" here in N.Delta.  My family has been attending " Family Days" for over 20years in some capacity. As youths my sister, friends & I participated/volunteered through our Leo's club.  Since moving away from the lowermainland in 2001 I haven't been able to attend.  I'm looking forward to introducing my children to happy part of my childhood & to catching up with old friends.

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