Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Quest 2010 - Naniamo

The last few days have been a whirlwind and it's only the start !  This past weekend we traveled down island to Naniamo for this years Girl Guides Quest weekend.  Quest is a fun filled 24 hours of Science. This years Quest was held at the university.  Each group of 6 girls were assigned 2 quads to call our own.  We start with orientation & a tour of the campus.

The girls first session was: Is this Slytherin House?  We were able to visit with approx. 10 different types of snakes.  Every one of them handled the snakes even the leery ones !

Their second session was: Frightfully Fun Physics !  They studied gravity, motion & various forms of electricity.

Their third session was: Surveying Super-Sleuths !  They studied maps, used compasses & had a opportunity to check out all the various surveying equiptment.

(Dinner !!!)

After dinner we had just enough time to do some geocaching.  The girls have recently earned their Geocaching Badge.  Cathy had looked up some caches located on the campus just in case the opportunity arose.  Sadly, the girls were not able to find it......

The " bummed" feeling quickly passed when we hit the aquatic center.  Two hours a craziness !!!

We ended the evening with an extremely enjoyable session on Astronomy & " Mug up".  By the time we hit our beds it was after 11pm.  The girls didn't have the energy to party even if they wanted too !!  We were up & going by 7am, packed & loaded by 7:45am & eating breakfast by 8am.  After breakfast the girls had some more time to visit with the other troops & do some exchanging of their " traders". 

Their fourth session was: Dem Bones ! The girls split up into groups of 4 & made their way through 10 different centers.  This session & their next one where both facilitated by the " North Island Wildlife Recovery Center"

Their last session was: Owl Pellets!  After visiting with the owls the girls had the pleasure of dissecting owl pellets !!

It was crazy busy enjoyable weekend !  I want to thank Cathy for giving me the opportunity to make it work for Keisha to attend.  I would also like to thank our wonderful Nana Val for offering to have the others hang with her so that I could focus on Keish !!

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