Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Beavers /Scouts / Port McNeill, B.C.

This evening the boys had their " Swimming up " potluck for Beaver's & Scouts.  The weather cooperated for us to be outside most of the evening.  I'm having mixed feelings about our first year in beavers/scouting.  Liam has had an amazing his first year of beavers.  He has wonderful leaders, which is why I think it has been so successful.  Every mtg is full of exciting activities.  They have also planned several extra fun events. Liam more than LOVES going every week.

Anthony's year in scouting has not been so enjoyable.  He's actually thinking of not going next year.  I'm disappointed, he was so excited to be a scout.  He has friend who have been in scouting for years in other regions and had high expectations.  Our scouting troop is small & totally disorganized.  They have had 1/3 of the mtgs / activities as the other levels/groups in town.  Many of those mtg were spent playing ping pong & eating popcorn.  They have done minimal badge works or outings.

We have heard of another group that may work out better for next year.  It's a version of Cadets.  We'll have to check into it over the summer to see if it will be a more positive experience.

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