Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Wheels.....

        I feel bad for my wheels.  Our " big white van" is so well loved....I feel guilty for not taking better care of her.  Don't get me wrong her engine & mechanical bits get all the necessary attention.  It's her fashionable parts that get neglected.  My neighbors vehicles are all shiny & clean.  Some seem to get washed and all polished up every other weekend. My girl might get clean twice/three time a year if that.

      So in an effort to do better, I decided today would be a great day to give her a good make over. I hauled a 1/3 of my kids clothing, 2 bags of garbage, 7 books, 23 felt markers, 2 pillows, 4 jackets, 3 grocery bins, a dozen or so fabric grocery bags & 1 dog blanket out of her & back to there appropriate places.  I then vacumed & washed every inch of the inside of her !!

My goal is to keep her all clean & tidy hence worth !!!

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