Tuesday, June 1, 2010

not as planned....

I woke this morning to a clear sky & a calm household....what more could I have asked for on my 36th birthday !!  My friends & family showered me with best wishes & phone calls.  My ali Danielle treated me to a very enjoyable breakfast out....it was a totally lovely birthday.

Then I picked up my little Liam up from kindergarten.......he didn't look well !!  He was pale, quiet & mellow,  however, he said nothing was wrong.  When we got home he refused lunch & went and put himself to bed.  By 2 pm he had a raging fever, neck pain and a headache to caused him to scream out randomly !!

So instead of going out for fancy birthday dinner.......Grandma & the " bigs" had soup & nibblelies for dinner....and Liam & I went to the ER to met up with our local doctor.  The Tylenol that I had administered shortly after 2pm finally started to relieve his fever around 5pm.  By the time we were on our way home is fever was on the rise again.  At this point it looks like a viral of some kind.  He's on mom watch & Tylenol....

......here's hoping that this is just a bug & that my wonderful boy will be back to his lively happy self again soon !!!

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