Thursday, August 5, 2010

Decision Decisions.....

Well every year our local Lioness club holds a very popular Christmas Fair.  Word of my work at the school has made it's way to one of the ladies involved.  I have personally been asked to consider being  involved. After several nights of intensive pondering I think I'm going to do it !!

I'm thinking of focusing my efforts in one area.....Baking !!!   It's been a long time since I've been able to attend a Christmas Fair.  I'm not sure what kinds of things would be the most popular.  I have some ideas....however I would love some input from all of you.

I would love to know:

- what would you buy if you were able to attend?
- what are your favorite Christmas goodies?
- would all you non-gluten eating folks consider purchasing gluten free baking at a fair like this?

A great big THANKS in advance I'm excited to have your feedback !!


  1. Fudge or chocolate dipped pretzels!

  2. A friend and I did a craft sale at Christmas one time. Our biggest sellers were candy, I think we made salt water taffy. Caramel popcorn, nuts and bolts. The things that people like to eat but not make because they are so time consuming. I'd be happy to pass on our recipes if you want.