Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Did you ever think .....

 - you'd ever hears yourself saying  " son, you'd better finish up that ice cream, dinners almost ready"

Believe it or not it has actually been a much better day.  Ana & Liam both were able to go to Huckleberry ( our local child center) for a good chunk of the day.  Thank you respite funds !!!!  The sun came out just in time for the "bigs" to go to the pool. Crossed off several big " To do list"  items.  Which always feeling good !  Had a lovely visit with our support worker Danielle.  A good laugh always help shake the " funk" away !!

The ice cream was in celebration of a job well done !  Everyone as rained in their " gremlins" successfully today ( even Mom).  Liam had a very good first swimming lesson. Our small pool is well suite for my kids.  The classes are nice and small ( max 4 kids) and only 2 groups in the whole pool for each alotted lesson time.

Here's hoping tomorrow goes smoothly as well......

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