Friday, August 13, 2010

So today.....

1.  the weather was lovely !!

2.  we went almost 10 hours with anyone registering any complaints....

3.  made scrambled eggs & ham for breakfast

4.  Liam only complained 1/3 of our walk this morning about his phantom foot pain

5.  Ana had a tea party at Huckleberry today...with real ice tea & watermelon

6.  Anthony had Devon over to play

7.  Keisha made every puzzle we own with great pride !!

8.  I indulged the request for Subway for dinner....

9.  I got in big trouble for picking Sprite instead of Root beer for Ana...big scream at you bad !!!

10.  I got caught up on my chores

11.  was reminded why I enjoy living here so much....

12.  Liam passed his swimming lesson with flying colors

13. Keisha made me 3 love notes

14.  enjoyed visiting our water front with my " bigs" & Pup....

15.  wished I had remembered the camera......the harbor was so beautiful this morning !!

16.  ate too many cookies....

17.  starting to pack for our trip

18.  should have mowed the lawn.....there's always tomorrow.....

19.  finished reading " Bella the bunny Fairy " with Ana

20.  is ending the day with a big smile & the feeling of a job well done !!!

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