Saturday, August 28, 2010

Local is best don't you think?

I do & I hope you do to......the girls and I have been loading up on buckets & buckets of the most glorious blackberries. The jam is in motion as I type ( pics to come).

For as long as I can remember I have been drawn to home grown local food.  I like the idea of knowing where my food comes from.  Over the year this desire has evolved greatly. Last year, a community here in B.C. took part in the 100 mile challenge which was aired on the food network.  I wouldn't say that I go that far.  We still have sugar, wheat flour & pasta & rice.  However, I do my best to grow my own veggies, pick local berries, buy from local farmers and when shopping at grocery store I try to keep my purchases from B.C. first, then Canada and I never buy food from outside of North America ( with the exception to rice & organic bananas).

This take commitment, planning and a bit of flexibility with your monthly food budget.  At first glance it appears to cost more, but once you've made your initial investment in a good canner & jars your pretty much set for the next decade. It pleases me to no end when in the depths of winter when everything in the store is crazy expensive and from the other side of the world we're eating our fill of frozen and canned fruits which I'll use in baking, pancakes & breakfast smoothies.  Frozen veggies for all those comforting winter soups, sauces & stews.  Yummy jams & jellies to spread for our toast & sandwiches and let not leave out all that perfectly tart cranberries sauce that will be paired up with all those large roast birds we like to eat.

One of the other benefits is the time I spend with my kids.  Their learning where our food comes from, how to find & grow food for themselves and a appreciation for the farmers who's life work is all about feeding us!  What more can I ask?

If you don't already I urge you to give it a try......I'll bet you'll feel so good that you'll be hooked.  Go on I dare you !!!

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  1. Oh Shannon, I agree whole heartedly with you. Yesterday we spent the day canning peaches and making dilled carrots for the winter. A full day process but the benefits are so worth it in the winter time!