Wednesday, August 11, 2010

a long week.....

This week has been an interesting one.  We've all been working through/on some tough things.  The kids are all missing their friends & school routine.  Which in turn means that they are fighting with each other more than normal.  Spending next week in Courtenay going to camp & visiting will be a good distraction.  We would all do better if they cut the summer holiday down to just 4 weeks and added a week to the Christmas & Spring breaks.

I have been trying to rein in some annoying inner dialogue and reassessing some previous decisions.  One of those inner dialogues is over the reality of my children all needing to be on meds.  My logical self know why they need them and that their quality of life is improved with them.  My " organic, natural is best, rarely even taken tylenol" self will probably always question if there something else I could be doing?  I hate the fact that our local pharmacist doesn't even need to look up their files.

We have had some successes around here to celebrate.  Liam is doing really well in his swimming lessons.  Keisha has finally succeeded in passing her swimming assessment.  She is now able to swim anywhere in the pool she'd like without wearing a life jacket !!  Ana has successfully wiggled her rotten tooth out....which in turn means I no longer have a tooth removal on the upcoming dentist bill...Yah !!!

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