Sunday, August 22, 2010

One last summer trip.

Well that was fun ! We spent this past week down island going to summer camp, visiting, soaking up the sun, playing & taking care of business.

For years we've been driving pass the Comox Air Force Museum.  Our schedule hasn't allowed us to visit until this past Tuesday.  The museum is manned by volunteers.  There were three of the most charming old guys there to help us find our way around & answer all our questions. 

Instead of staying at our regular motel we decided to camp at Kin Beach.  Our site was very spacious, totally kid & dog friendly and it's a quick walk to the beach.

The weather was warm/hot the whole time.  The kids had a great time at their camps and are already planning what they want to do next summer !   One of the only complications we had was the heat & Piper.  It was way to hot for her to hang in the van at all.  I was able to find her a wonderful kennel/doggy daycare just outside of town.  It was kind of funny that each day I would drop everyone including Piper off at their camps !!  The ladies at Doggydo Kennel and Boarding were great.  Piper played her little heart out...she was one super happy tired dog each afternoon. On her last day I was presented with copies of pics from her time with them.

After a fun but busy week we started to make our way home.....until the vans brakes failled !!!  Thankfully I was able to get us stopped safely before anything horrible happened !!  I can tell you as a mom that this was one of the scariest experiences of my life. 

Many things over my life have encouraged me to be an extremely self reliant person.  I have to tell you through.....I'm so thankful to the kind locals that shared their phone & offered the kids and I support but most of all for our amazing Nana Val & Grandpa Bill who have always got my back !!!

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